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Photography has been a constant theme in my life.

I recall the excitement of owning my first camera – a Fed4 Russian rangefinder – when I was 13 years old in 1976. One year later, I was so keen on my new hobby, that my dad was helping me set up a darkroom to process and print my black and white films.

And, while still a teenager, I joined the prestigious Photographic Society in my home town of Bury, Lancashire, which was a great learning curve.

For the next three decades I continued using film, making time for photography whenever I could as real life took over and I began working.

Like most photographers, by the new millenium, I realised that digital was the way forward. By then my twin photographic passions were nature and sport.

I re-kindled my membership of Bury Photographic Society and used new equipment – my first digital was a Canon 10d in 2003 – to hone my skills. This led to my gaining a CPAGB (the Credit award from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) in 2009, a BPE2* (an award from British Photographic Exhibitions) in 2012 and an aFIAP (an award from the Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique) in 2013.

Photography, however, is about more than competitions and letters after your name. It should be fun and self-fulfilling, not something you do simply to impress judges.

So in 2014 I went right back to my roots and began making mostly monochrome images, switching two years later to Fuji cameras. I currently use an XT2 and XPro2 to maintain good image quality, but cut down on the weight as I walked around the beaches of my beloved Norfolk and Scottish mountain holiday haunts.

In 2016 I also began experimenting by using a Holga, which is a plastic toy film camera, medium format. And, in a real throw-back, I started processing film at home again after using a Canon Canonet ql17 35mm rangefinder camera which took me full circle back to 1976.

I hope you enjoy what you see on my site – a snapshot of my life in photography.

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