I had to take a trip to Manchester last weekend (permitted travel, donating blood) I took the opportunity to take my Olympus xa2 with me. I loaded a roll of Ilford HP5+ shot @800 iso, then developed the film in HC110 dil: b for 11 minutes. These photos are taken on what would be the busiest shopping streets in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday.

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Exhibition. This is my first solo exhibition with the help of and 
This exhibition consists of 18 of my favourite framed images from the north Norfolk coast and the mountains of Scotland, where I tend to spend all of my holidays over the last few years. It will run until mid September at the Mercure Bolton Georgian House Hotel Manchester Road Bolton BL6 5RU

FP4 Party Here are two rolls of Ilford FP4 I shot using my Hasselblad 500cm, coupled with the 50mm f4 lens. Both film where shot on the same day whilst out on my normal dog walk around the Kirklees valley in Tottington, Bury.  I upped the ISO to 200 so that I could hand hold the shots, I also used the mirror lockup after I had composed the image to reduce the vibration causing any camera shake.

Mayfield Holga All taken using my trusted Plastic Holga. I used Ilford HP5 film which I processed at home, I then scanned the negatives to produce these images.


Manchester Mayfield Not my usual sort of images. I had the chance to have a tour arround this dis-used railway station, situated adjacent to Manchester Piccadilly. The station opened in 1910 and closed in 1986. The whole 24 acre site is now going to be redeveloped into a park, offices hotel, and homes.

So take a look at some Urban Exploration (Urbex) images from the visit.

Ardnamurchan Holga, A set of images taken with the Holga on my recent visit to the Arnamurchan Peninsular. This is the most Westerly point on the British mainland. Shot using Ilford HP5 film and home processed with Kodak HC110 then scanned using a Epson V550 flatbed scanner.

Hasselblad A rather nice walk around Entwistle reservoir near Edgworth, all the images are taken on Iford HP5 and processed at home using Kodak HC110 developer for 5 minutes. The film was then allowed to dry and then scanned using a Epson v550 flatbed scanner.

Norfolk For the past 17 years I have had my holidays in Norfolk, we normaly stay on the North Norfolk Coast around Wells Next the Sea.

Long ExposureThe latest gallery of images have been uploaded. All these images are taken with a long exposure (30 seconds or longer) using Lee Little Stopper or Big Stopper.


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