FP4 Party

Here are two rolls of Ilford FP4 I shot using my Hasselblad 500cm, coupled with the 50mm f4 lens. Both films where shot on the same day whilst out on my normal dog walk around the Kirklees valley in Tottington, Bury.  I upped the ISO to 200 so that I could hand hold the shots, I also used the mirror lockup after I had composed the image to reduce the vibration causing any camera shake.
When I arrived home I processed the films in my kitchen sink after loading the films into a paterson tank in a changing tent.  I used Kodak HC110 developer using the dilution B 1:31 for 10 minutes.

After the films had been allowed to dry completely, they were scanned using an Epson v550 scanner and Silverfast 8 software. 

Roll number 1
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Roll number 2
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